Hi, i'm lameck kanai.

A humble proficient Software Engineer.

my portfolio

my current projects....

This are the current & older projects i've worked on.

Android & iOS Apps

Mobile Apps Engineering is an amazing and challenging endeavor i savagely enjoy.

Game Programming

Gamemaker 2 and Godot projects, simply amazing life of Gaming, creating games is Awesome.

2D Animation

Animations speak to my younger self, this are some of my animation projects.

My Github Repo

My Projects Repository.

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i love fried chicken & cake!

Software Engineer, Game Developer, Mobile App Engineer & Front-end Developer

Emojis­čśÄ emojis­čśÄ emojis­čśÄ.

You only live once so why don't you try it!.

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Email me on lameckkanai3@gmail.com

or through Whatsapp on +254 704 921 465

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180, Nairobi, Kiambu


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